The Hillary

The Hillary


"THE HILLARY" is the fourth in our #BOSSLADIES series of handmade totes and sweatshirts. The #BOSSLADIES brand pays homage to the most formidable female icons of our time.

Hillary Clinton has been fighting to make the world a better place for by advancing the rights of women and girls for decades. Throughout her life she has gone by many titles: Mother, Wife, Lawyer, First Lady, Senator, Secretary of State, Grandmother and the first woman to score a major party's nomination. She famously declared that "human rights are women's rights - and women's rights are human rights" and it's that type of thinking that makes her the perfect companion to the other #BOSSLADIES in our collection.

Tote bags will ship 10-14 days after date of purchase.
Printed in locally in Somerville, MA

Graphic by Jacqueline Schaab

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