The Gloria & Dorothy

The Gloria & Dorothy


"THE GLORIA & DOROTHY" is the fifth in our #BOSSLADIES series of handmade totes and sweatshirts. The #BOSSLADIES brand pays homage to the most formidable female icons of our time.

Our newest tote recognizes Gloria Steinem and Dorothy Pitman Hughes, the founders of Ms. Magazine and feminist icons. Together, these women ignited a movement that has motivated generations to fight for equality, fair housing, fair wages, small businesses, and women's liberation among many other notable causes. Their partnership broke though racial barriers and the message they send in this symbolic image is as important today as it was when it originally published. The "pussy hat" displayed on Steinem is a nod to the awaking that is occurring all around the world, an extension of the work that these powerful women began decades ago.

Tote bags will ship 10-14 days after date of purchase.
Printed in locally in Somerville, MA

Graphic by Jacqueline Schaab

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